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The company held an IPR implementation kick-off meeting

In order to establish a standardized system for enterprise intellectual property work, earnestly implement the "Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy" and enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises. In response to the National Intellectual Property Standards Implementation Policy, Liaocheng Wanhe held an IPR implementation kick-off meeting on July 18, 2014 in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office. Participants at the meeting included the company's general manager, deputy general managers, technical center technicians, and middle-level representatives of the company. The implementation of intellectual property standards is highly valued within the company. The general manager and chairman of the company Zhang Hongquan attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, calling on company personnel to actively learn intellectual property management standardization knowledge, enhance intellectual property awareness, and further strengthen the creation, application and management of intellectual property rights And protection. 

As the first batch of Liaocheng City and the first recommended IP implementation enterprise in the Development Zone, it explains the recognition of Wanhe's intellectual property and technological innovation management work by the Liaocheng Intellectual Property Office and the Development Zone. The company will establish a complete enterprise intellectual property management system in accordance with the requirements of GB/T29490-2013 "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations", and implement it seriously, and strive to pass third-party certification as soon as possible. 
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