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  • DDY-ⅠModel Single-Punch Tablet
  • DDY-ⅠModel Single-Punch Tablet

DDY-ⅠModel Single-Punch Tablet

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Product Usage

This machine is a new equipment to press powder and granular raw materials into tablets.It’s applicable for the production of various tablets for pesticide, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry, food, powder metallurgy and other industries, particularly the production of large size tablets and tablets difficult to mould.

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1. This machine is designed and manufactured according to the patent technology of “underdrive single-punch tablet press”, it’s easy to prevent the contamination from drive lubricant on the tablet.

2. The tablet press capacity of the machine is very high, and it’s particularly applicable for pressing large size tablets and tablets difficult to mould.

3. Relevant tablet pressing moulds are equipped to press various round tablets, abnormal shape tablets, annular tablets or spherical products.

4. The impact and vibration of the machine is small in working conditions. It’s running smoothly without any noises. It’s easy to operate even without any experiences.

5. It’s easy to observe the operating conditions and it’s very convenient to operate and adjust.

6. Energy-saving technology is applied, this machine could save 50% power consumption than other similar machines, and manual press is optional if without power supply.

7. The peripheral shell of the machine is made of stainless steel materials, which comply with GMP requirements.(Specially order)

Max. pressure (KN) 200(the allowable maximal pressure for consecutive tablet pressing is 180KN)
Max.tablet pressing diameter(mm) 80
Max. annular tablet outer diameter(mm) 80
Annular tablet aperture (1/4-1/2)outer diameter
Max. filling depth(mm) 50
Tabletpressingcapacity(tablet/min) 25 or 16
Overall size(mm) 1040×930×1600
Weight(㎏) 1150
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    DDY-ⅠModel Single-Punch Tablet
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  • Maximum output:
  • Maximum tablet diameter:
  • Maximum filling depth:
  • Host electric power:
  • Dimensions:
  • Maximum sheet thickness:
    Outer diameter(1/4-1/2)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Greatest Pressure:
  • Maximum pre-pressure:
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