• ZPYG45 Sub-Speed Rotary Tablet
  • ZPYG45 Sub-Speed Rotary Tablet

ZPYG45 Sub-Speed Rotary Tablet

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The machine is a new generation sub-speed tablet press of our company; the productive efficiency is greatly high and it has a large pressure. It is widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electron for pressing the granular materials into all kinds of round tablets, irregular tablets and ring shaped tablets.

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1. The productive efficiency of the machine is great high, the maximum capacity is 200,000 tablets in an hour. It can be compared beauty with high-speed tablet press.

2. The machine is compatible with the GMP requirement, the outside part of the machine is fully enclosed, the material of the cover and the inside table face of the table-pressing room is stainless steel, the turret face has been disposed specially, nontoxic and smooth and abrasion proof.

3. The machine has a large power and pressure, and it has two pieces of prepressing tracks. It is stable in operation and is applicable to press hard-pressing powder.

4.There is force powder feeder,which improve granuie’s flow ability and fill function to guarantee powder feeding accuracy.

5. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the apparatus, when overload occuring, the machine stops automatically, and at the same time the alarm light turns on.

6. The speed adjustment of the driver is controlled by the frequency conversion device, it is easy to operate, and safe and accurate.

7. According to the special need of consumers ,the function of communication network is to set equipment address and pass data in communication agreement criterion; it realizes higher-up managing equipment of work and output.

8.The centralized lubrication system of the machine can ensure the oil supply to every lubricating part by the intellectual lubricating pump, and it is very reliable.

9. To exert human nature ideas, the machine is easy to be clean and maintain

10. The transmission system is located inside the wormgear box under the main body, and it is a fully independent part. It cannot be cross-polluted, and the transmission system is fully lubricated so that the noise and the abrasion are greatly reduced.

11. With the appliance of utility model patent, the ways to fix the lower track and lower pressure rollers are especial,so that be remounted and maintained conveniently and fast.


Dies (sets)


Max. pressure (kN)


Max. dia. of tablet (mm)


Max. depth of fill  (mm)


Max. thickness of tablet (mm)


Turretspeed (r/min)


Max. production capacity



Motor (kW)


Net weight (kg)


Covering area (mm)


Height including the hopper (mm)


Height without the hopper(mm) 1500
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    ZPYG45 Sub-Speed Rotary Tablet
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